Become a Social Media Ambassador

ACPA’s Social Media Ambassador Program provides an opportunity for you to use your voice to spread awareness, share resources and further the mission of ACPA. Join our community online of more than 25,000+ people.

Provide Support

Connect with a local support group. Oftentimes families benefit from sharing stories with others who have shared similar experiences. Contact a local cleft and craniofacial team and get involved. They may know of awareness campaigns or political advocacy efforts that would benefit from your volunteer time.


Donors of ACPA often hold fundraising events to raise awareness and support ACPA’s mission. Whether you’d like to host a race, coordinate a small fundraising event, or ask for donations in place of birthday gifts, ACPA would love to work with you to inspire generosity. Do you have an idea for a fundraiser? Submit a Fundraiser Agreement Form.

Contact Us to learn more about how you can get involved.