2023 Key Objectives:

  1. Promote/Increase the Value of Current ACPA Member Benefits
    • Identify ways to promote and improve the value of ACPA’s Online Community through marketing and engagement.
    • Evaluate ACPA’s Special Interest Groups.
  2. Assess and Develop New Initiatives/Benefits
    • Develop and support new initiatives to encourage engagement from students and young professionals, such as a student chapter.
    • Help identify relevant and useful data for a potential benchmarking study.

2024 Committee Members:

  • Kristen M. Lowe, DDS, MS – Aurora, CO (Chair)
  • Kazlin H. Mason, PhD, Charlottesville, VA (Co-Chair)
  • Gregory C. Allen, MD – Aurora, CO
  • Suzanne N. Barnes – Louisville, KY
  • Ryan H. Belcher, MD, MPH – Nashville, TN
  • Mary Church, BSN, RN – Columbus, OH
  • Jennifer R. Fassoth, RN, MSN – Long Beach, CA
  • Katelyn Kotlarek, PhD, CCC-SLP – Laramie, WY
  • Daniel Levy-Bercowski, DDS, MS, MSD – Durham, NC
  • Kari M. Lien, PhD, CCC-SLP – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Caitlin B.L. Magraw, MD – Portland OR
  • Nicholas Mechas, DMD – Memphis, TN
  • Aleshia J. Pringle, ARNP – St. Petersburg, FL
  • Ari N. Rabkin, PhD – Columbus, OH
  • Daniel E. Sampson, DDS, MD – Minneapolis, MN
  • Thomas D. Samson, MD – Hershey, PA
  • Zahrah Taufique, MD – Brooklyn, NY
  • Ilana M. Zinn, RN, MSN – Baltimore, MD
  • Lindsay A. Schuster, DMD – Pittsburgh, PA (Board Liaison)