Team Approval Resources

For guidance on completing the Team Application, review the 2022 Sample Application. Please note that this document is read-only and all applications must be completed online.

A free webinar on the Team Approval process available on-demand. View the webinar.

HIPAA Compliance

Please note that HIPAA requires applying teams to remove all patient identifying information from the application, a process HIPAA calls de-identification.  Identifying information for patients, relatives, and household members includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Names
  • Geographic subdivisions smaller than a state (city, school, mailing address, etc)
  • Telephone and Fax numbers
  • Email addresses
  • All birth dates, death dates, admission dates, and discharge dates. The year should remain unredacted.
  • Full face photographs
  • Social security numbers
  • Medical record numbers
  • Account numbers
  • Any other unique numbers, codes, or characteristics that can be linked to an individual

Applications containing any patient identifying information will be returned for redactions.  If an application is returned a second time, an additional $125.00 fee will be due upon re-submission.

Please refer to the ACPA Team Approval FAQ for more information.