Meet Gideon, a quiet boy who enjoys reading, playing chess, building with Legos, and watching football. When he grows up Gideon has aspirations to serve in the Texas State Legislature. But Gideon’s journey hasn’t been easy.

Gideon was born in Wuhan, China in July 2010 with a bi-lateral cleft lip and palate. His lip was repaired in China prior to being placed for adoption. He was matched with his adoptive family in July 2011 and completed the adoption in April 2012 when he became an American citizen upon arrival into America.

Once here, Gideon began care with the ACPA Approved Team at the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, TX. Gideon had his palate surgery in May 2012 and since then has had a lip revision surgery and several other surgical procedures for other medical concerns. “Due to COVID, Gideon experienced several delays when it came to continuing his care, but we are so grateful for our team,” said Gideon’s mom. “Gideon’s orthodontist Dr. McReynolds has a unilateral cleft lip/palate himself. This is what inspired him to enter orthodontics & has numerous patients like Gideon on their cleft journey.”

The holidays are never quite the same for children born with a cleft or craniofacial condition. Breaks from school often align with scheduled surgical procedures. Gideon will have his bone graft surgery this month.

When you donate to ACPA this holiday season you can make a difference for children like Gideon.