Hi, my name is Dean Olsen Rorabaugh. At 23 weeks gestation, my mom found out I was going to be born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. At first, her and my daddy were really worried about me and all the obstacles I would have to overcome throughout my life. But after lots of research and education, my parents felt ready to bring me into this world.

I was born and my parents fell in love immediately. I am currently 7 weeks old and am rocking life with my cleft. Not one of the obstacles that I have encountered has slowed me down at all. Mom and Dad are so proud of me. Even though they are excited to see my forever smile, they are soaking up and loving all of my cleft smiles. I hope my story helps other moms, dads, and cleft affected babies all over the world. Every smile has a story and I can’t wait to share mine.