My third born child and first son was born with a bilateral cleft lip. I found out about his potential cleft five months before he was born. I had a sense of hope after family members, and even local ultrasound technicians, prayed over my baby, still in the womb. By the grace of God, my child was born healthy at 38 weeks, and was only affected in his lip.

Brandon Willis Jr. had no feeding problems and is, in fact, weighing over 20 pounds at 6 months old. I can’t help but think that prayer gave my baby the fighting chance to not have had any feeding problems or palate issues.

ACPA Family Services helped us on our journey by giving us resources and information that gave me direction and an ease of mind. I just want to thank you, ACPA, for the resources and plentiful information you give to those who have been affected by facial differences.