Key Objectives:

  1. Learn more about the functions that the current POC document serves.
  2. Evaluate how the current POC is being used, including by cleft care professionals, other health care professionals, families, other associations, and insurance.
  3. Gather information on potential options for the Parameters to be used in other iterations, or restructured.
  4. Consider potential future goals, including standards, parameters, policy, guidelines.
  5. Present to ACPA Board, Fall 2023, a summary of needs assessment, models for possible restructuring or new iteration, and a draft road map for next phase.

Task Force Members:

  • Carrie L. Heike, MD, MS – Seattle, WA (Chair)
  • David A. Fitzsimons, PhD – Westmead, Australia (Co-Chair)
  • Mark J. Bentele, DDS, MS – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Mark R. Boone, DMD, MSD – Virginia Beach, VA
  • Dawn D’Agostino, MA, CCC-A – Rochester, NY
  • Sally L. Davidson-Ward, MD – Los Angeles, CA
  • Simone J. Fischbach, MHSc – Toronto, ON
  • Roberto L. Flores, MD – New York, NY
  • David C. Hoffman, DDS – Staten Island, NY
  • Ian C. Hoppe, MD – Madison, MS
  • Claudia C. Malic, MRCS, MD, FRCS, FRCSC – Ottwa, ON
  • Patricia K. Marik, PsyD – Milwaukee, WI
  • Melissa McBrien, MD – Royal Oak, MI
  • Ana M. Mercado, DMD, PhD – Columbus, OH
  • Mark A. Miller, MD, DMD, FACS – Charleston, SC
  • Ari N. Rabkin, PhD – Columbus, OH
  • Daniela N. Schweitzer, MD – Malibu, CA
  • Andrew R. Scott, MD, FACS – Boston, MA
  • J.C. Shirley, DMD, MS – Atlanta, GA
  • Shannon M. Theis, PhD – Chicago, IL
  • Raymond Tse, MD, FRS(C) – Seattle, WA
  • LaQuia A. Vinson, DDS, MPH – Indianapolis, IN
  • Krishna G. Patel, MD, PhD – Charleston, SC (Board Liaison)