ACPA donors hold a variety of fundraising events to raise awareness and support ACPA’s mission. Contact Us for information or to share ideas.

Birthday Parties

Some families and individuals celebrate their special day by asking that people donate to ACPA in honor of the birthday person. ACPA can assist by sending donor cards, brochures and/or fundraising letters.

Social Events

A house party, concert or other get together is a great way to raise funds. Some children host lemonade stands, and one family organized a beauty pageant for children with special needs. The CleftStrong 5k hosts an annual race to raise awareness and funds in support of ACPA’s mission. ACPA can assist by providing information for event guests.

Weddings and Gift Registries

Giving a gift to ACPA in honor of your wedding is a special and unique way to thank guests. ACPA can provide cards to set out on tables or a letter to frame and display. Couples often find that this is a great thing to do as a wedding favor.

Consider listing the ACPA donation site as a gift option in your registry. Let friends and family honor you by giving a gift to the cleft and craniofacial community.

If you have questions or need supplies for your fundraising efforts, please email or call 919-933-9044 ext 205.